Emergency Evacuation of a PCV

Emergency evacuation of a PCV is a very important part of training for for all members of our on fleet staff effective evacuation of a vehicle can be the difference between life and death of a passenger. With this training your staff will be confident in the evacuation of a PCV.

Emergency Evacuation of a PCV Content

- Back Care of the handler
- Unsafe processes
- Basic Principles of Safer Handling
- 3 safer process of evacuation
- Correct Evacuation process
- Working with Equipment
- safety of passengers after evacuation
- Practical Training evacuation of a PCV

The course can be delivered at your venue and cost £300 per course of 12 students. We can deliver 2 courses in the same day at a price of £500.

For more information please contact us.

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Nice relaxed learning, No pressure. Previous courses I have completed (not with Direct First Aid) and have felt uncomfortable and unable to ask questions. This did not happen with Pete he answered all my questions and i felt happy to ask. This course was really good. I will be using them again.