Securing a Passenger in a PCV

Wheelchair Tie Down and Occupant Restraint Systems (W.T.O.R.S) are the most important pieces of equipment fitted to an accessible vehicle. Used correctly, they are very effective in preventing injury to wheelchair passengers while travelling in these vehicles.Used incorrectly, the consequences are unthinkable if the vehicle is involved in an accident

Securing a passenger on a PCV Content

- Back Care of the handler
- Unsafe processes
- Basic Principles of Safer Handling
- How to handle a wheel chair
- Correct use of the restraining equipment
- Working with Equipment
- Use of Tail lift
- Practical Training on W.T.O.R.S.

The course can be delivered at your venue and cost £300 per course of 12 students. We can deliver 2 courses in the same day at a price of £500.

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Peter gave us a great deal of information today in the course but it was made easy with his simple teaching style and everyone in the session enjoyed themselves.

David Price - Manual Handling of Objects