Epilepsy Awareness

This course is aimed at care staff and individuals who provide care to a client with epilepsy. It will give them the skills and knowledge to define and recognise the signs and symptoms, emergency care and ongoing care for their individual.
Learners will have a written skills test at the end of the course

Epilepsy Awareness Course Content

- Legal boundaries regarding to care of epilepsy
- Understanding epilepsy
- Signs and Symptoms of epilepsy
- Problems associated with epilepsy
- Types and classifications of seizures
- Basic first aid and after care for seizures

A business course at your venue is £350 for up to 15 people. We can if needed provide a local venue for an additional cost of £100.


The course lasts for 1/2 a day (3 hours)

or more information please contact us.

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Wow I’ve never used a fire extinguisher before. We booked the course and asked if we could have practicable session as well. It was well worth it. All my employees enjoyed it and found it useful. Many thanks to Ryan for the easy booking and Pete for the great training.

Chris Rossiter – Fire Training