Food Safety Level 2

This course is aimed at members of staff who work in an environment where food is prepared, cooked and handled. It is designed to meet the needs of the retail, manufacturing and retail of food safety

Food safety L2 Course Content

-Food Safety
-Temperature Control
- Refrigeration, Cold Handling and Chilling Produces.
- Cooking, Hot Handling and Reheating
- Food Handling
- Cleaning
- Principles of Safe Food Handling
- Food Premises and Handling

A course can be run at your venue or from our training venue from £700 for a course of 15 students. We can, if needed provide a local venue for an additional cost of £100 for the course.

Timings The course will be 1 Day (6 hours) or more information please contact us.

I really enjoyed the course I learnt a lot about the meaning of first aid a now feel that I can give first aid and really help other people. Thank you to Ryan who made the booking really easy

Brian Smeely – Emergency First Aid at Work